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FAQ List


Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If your question hasn't been answered on topics surrounding computer forensics or electronic discovery, please sent us an e-mail at We will try to answer your question and post the response here.


Computer Forensics questions:


Can email be traced?

What happens when a file is deleted?

What is a bit stream image?

What is a chain of custody?

What is a Cluster?

What is FAT (File Allocation Table)?

What is a file signature?

What is a hard drive clone?

What is a sector?

What is a slip sheet?

What is a write blocker?

What is an info2 record?

What is an MD5?

What is an On Line Repository?

What is Computer Forensics?

What is Data Preservation?

What is De-Duplication?

What is De-NISTing?

What is Electronically Stored Information (ESI)?

What is file slack?

What is keyword searching?

What is metadata?








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